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Origin of british superstitions

Origin of british superstitions

Origin of british superstitions
There is a term for a fear of the number 13? The term for a fear of Friday the 13 th is paraskevidekatriaphobia. Across many cultures, the belief that the number 13 is evil and brings bad luck is so strong that many hotels, office and apartment buildings do not have or recognize a 13 th floor, airports usually do not have a 13 th gate and many people stay home on Friday the 13 th. The Chinese and ancient Egyptians believed the number 13 brings good fortune. The Egyptians believed in 12 stages in life toward spiritual enlightenment. The 13 th stage was the eternal afterlife. In this sense, death was not a place of fear, but a place of high regard for the afterlife. One theory about why this negative belief about the number 13 exists is that Judas, who betrayed Jesus, was the 13 th person to be seated at the Last Supper. Ina group of New Yorkers set out to debunk this and all other superstitions and formed a group called the Thirteen Club. Its first meeting took place on Friday the 13 th at pm and 13 people sat down to dinner in room number To get into the room each guest walked under a ladder and sat down around piles of spilled salt. Needless to say, all of the guests survived. For the next 40 years, Thirteen Clubs cropped up all over the U. Numerous references to the number 7 are found throughout history? The number seven is most often associated with good luck. It is believed that the importance of the number seven began in ancient times. During that time, before the invention of the telescope, only seven planets were visible in the skies? This may explain why many ancient cultures adopted seven gods or deities. The ancient Greeks thought the number seven to be extremely lucky. Pythagoreans considered the number seven to be a perfect number. There were seven ancient Roman and Egyptian Gods. Hinduism recognizes seven major chakras energy centers in the human body. The Arabs built seven holy temples. In Japanese tradition, there are seven lucky gods that bring good fortune. There is also a belief that seven ancient Buddhas existed. References to the number seven appear many times in the Bible Old Testament. For example, God created the world in six days and the seventh day was the Sabbath or day of rest; King Solomon?

British superstitions before exam

Ever wondered why your British friends won't walk under a ladder, or step on pavement cracks? There are many British superstitions that may seem strange to people new to the culture, however, they are often steeped in history and have wondrously weird origins. There are superstitions that are supposed to bring good luck and those that are meant to be bad omens. Here are some of our favourite superstitions and how they came to be. A superstition is a belief that is often irrational and based on the supernatural and considered to bring a person good or bad luck. They often centre around the idea that one thing causes another thing to happen, without any scientific evidence to prove or support this. Although it may seem unlucky, getting pooed on by a bird in Britain is deemed good luck! Good news for those studying at BSC Brightonour school located by the coast, which has an abundance of seagulls! Even though there are many birds in the sky, it's supposedly more rare to be pooed on by one than it is to win the lottery. That's why, if you are one of the 'lucky' ones who gets pooed on, it comes as a surprise and is deemed very lucky. It's also a good belief to make good of a bad situation, so we're big fans of this one! Another one with an ancient history here! Some people believe that breaking a mirror is meant to give you 7 years bad luck. This harks back to the Roman times, when they believed that mirrors were a portal to the soul, and breaking one would damage the soul, which couldn't be amended until life renewed itself, which was believed to be every seven years. You may have heard the rhyme "One for sorrow, two for joy These black and white birds can signify good, or bad, luck depending on how many you see. Magpies have been associated with death, so seeing a lone Magpie is said to bring sorrow to your life. Seeing two, however, will bring luck! Although the rhyme does continue up to ten, it is most commonly used when seeing one or two. While some of these superstitions may be common across the World, the stigma around putting new shoes on the table seems to be distinctly British! Believed to originate from the North of England, this superstition is related to the coal mining industry. When a miner died, their family would place their shoes on the table as a tribute. Therefore, placing shoes on the table was seen to be tempting fate. You may have noticed that it rains a lot in the UK and Ireland! So carrying an Umbrella with you at all times becomes a necessity. However, make sure to never open your Umbrella inside, as this is said that bad luck with 'rain down' on you. This superstition has lots of history to it, dating back to ancient Egypt when peacock feathers and papyrus was used to protect people from the sun. Opening them when indoors would be seen as an insult to the sun deity 'Ra' and mean you would be cursed.

British superstitions magpies

In years gone by, numerous customs were observed to ensure that misfortune would not befall us and our loved ones. We may like to think that we live in a sophisticated age, but even in the 21st. Different parts of the country have their own particular superstitions designed to bring good fortune, health and wealth to their house and occupants. Even outside the home certain things had to be done first. For example, to protect the house from witches a rowan tree had to be planted, and under no circumstances must hawthorn be brought into the house before May Day as it belonged to the Woodland God and would bring bad luck! In days gone by food preparation was surrounded by so many taboos it is amazing anyone got anything to eat. In Yorkshirehousewives used to believe that bread would not rise if there was a corpse in the vicinity, and to cut off both ends of the loaf would make the Devil fly over the house! Once at the table, there were numerous other things to watch out for. The best known of course is not to have 13 people at the table, and should someone spill the salt, a pinch had to be thrown over the left shoulder into the eyes of the Devil. Crossed knives at the table signify a quarrel, while a white tablecloth left on a table overnight means the household will need a shroud in the near future. Two women must not pour from the same tea-pot, if they do, a quarrel will ensue. In Somerset a double-yolked egg was viewed with concern as it foretold of a hurried wedding due to a pregnancy. To pass on the stairs is unlucky, but to stumble going up foretells a wedding, but to break a mirror means seven years bad luck. Weddings have a host of superstitions and woe betide the bride who ignores them! These are well known and still carried out today. Usually she leaves her veil off or takes off one shoe. To be kissed by a passing chimney sweep is very good luck, but it is a very lucky bride these days who can find a chimney sweep on the way to the church! Centrally heated houses have a lot to answer for! When the newly married couple reach their new home, it is a tradition that the bride be carried over the threshold by the bridegroom. This is to avoid the evil spirits that gather at the threshold. Pregnancy and childbirth have always been surrounded by magical rites and charms, and the new mother, even in these modern times, makes sure some are still respected. Choosing the pram before the baby is born is quite safe, but it must not be delivered to the home until after the baby is born. Carrying a new baby three times around the house will protect the child from colic. Nowadays, well tried folk remedies like these are only used as a last resort after the midwife and Dr. Spock have had their say! It is easy to dismiss superstition as absurd, but only those who can break a mirror without a second thought are entitled to do so. Thank goodness for the National Health Service! Who were the 'Quake doctors', how do you cure warts and what was…. Related articles. The Cursing Power of Psalm Leap Year Superstitions. Next article. Who were the 'Quake doctors', how do you cure warts and what was… more details. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Every superstition has an interesting story to tell, a story of when and how it originated, how it spread and turned into a tradition. Did you just say, all superstitions are fake? Well, that's what you say. But superstitions So read on to know all that you need to, about superstitions and their origins. But superstitions… they say something different…something you must listen to…So read on to know all that you need to, about superstitions and their origins. Are they beliefs that strengthen? Or are they faiths that blindfold? Do superstitions beef up a timid mind or do they weaken a brave heart? While most of them arise out of fear, some are meant to drive fear away. Superstitious beliefs are an outcome of ignorance and lack of rational thinking, but then they are beliefs after all. Beliefs become notions, then become opinions, and eventually begin to prevail in society. Many of them stay for years, deep-rooted in the minds of common people while some are wiped off over time. Many superstitions become the basis of certain social customs and go on to become traditions. Such is the power of superstitions that they turn from being false beliefs to becoming strong notions, and the masses start following them. So what if they lack a rational standing? So what if they lack a logical base? Superstitions are beliefs. Or do they? Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk The origin of superstitions can be traced to beliefs people held in the olden times. Fear about the unseen, less knowledge about the forces of nature and a lack of general awareness was the reason for the spread of certain beliefs in society. These beliefs might have lacked logic, but there was nothing that could convince people otherwise. There was nothing to prove how baseless the beliefs were. They were passed from one generation to another until there were some who put their foot down to disapprove them. Some superstitious beliefs became social norms. The easiest and most obvious classification of superstitions puts them under two categories, namely good luck superstitions and bad luck superstitions. Just the presence or absence of these things is believed to be lucky or unlucky.

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Some superstitions are so ingrained in modern English-speaking societies that everyone, from lay people to scientists, succumb to them or, at least, feel slightly uneasy about not doing so. But why don't we walk under ladders? Why, after voicing optimism, do we knock on wood? Why do nonreligious people "God bless" a sneeze? And why do we avoid at all costs opening umbrellas indoors? Though some historians tentatively trace this belief back to ancient Egyptian times, the superstitions that surrounded pharaohs' sunshades were actually quite different and probably unrelated to the modern-day one about raingear. Most historians think the warning against unfurling umbrellas inside originated much more recently, in Victorian England. In "Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things" Harper,the scientist and author Charles Panati wrote: "In eighteenth-century London, when metal-spoked waterproof umbrellas began to become a common rainy-day sight, their stiff, clumsy spring mechanism made them veritable hazards to open indoors. A rigidly spoked umbrella, opening suddenly in a small room, could seriously injure an adult or a child, or shatter a frangible object. Even a minor accident could provoke unpleasant words or a minor quarrel, themselves strokes of bad luck in a family or among friends. Thus, the superstition arose as a deterrent to opening an umbrella indoors. This superstition really does originate 5, years ago in ancient Egypt. A ladder leaning against a wall forms a triangle, and Egyptians regarded this shape as sacred as exhibited, for example, by their pyramids. To them, triangles represented the trinity of the gods, and to pass through a triangle was to desecrate them. This belief wended its way up through the ages. Walking under a ladder courted misfortune. In England in the s, criminals were forced to walk under a ladder on their way to the gallows. In ancient Greece, it was common for people to consult "mirror seers," who told their fortunes by analyzing their reflections. As the historian Milton Goldsmith explained in his book "Signs, Omens and Superstitions""divination was performed by means of water and a looking glass. This was called catoptromancy. The mirror was dipped into the water and a sick person was asked to look into the glass. If his image appeared distorted, he was likely to die; if clear, he would live. In the first century A. At that time, it was believed that peoples' health changed in seven year cycles. A distorted image resulting from a broken mirror therefore meant seven years of ill-health and misfortune, rather than outright death. Spilling salt has been considered unlucky for thousands of years. Around 3, B. This ritual spread to the Egyptians, the Assyrians and later, the Greeks. The superstition ultimately reflects how much people prized and still prize salt as a seasoning for food. The etymology of the word "salary" shows how highly we value it. According to Panati: "The Roman writer Petronius, in the Satyricon, originated 'not worth his salt' as opprobrium for Roman soldiers, who were given special allowances for salt rations, called salarium 'salt money' the origin of our word 'salary. Though historians say this may be one of the most prevalent superstitious customs in the United States, its origin is very much in doubt. Alternatively, "among the ignorant peasants of Europe it may have had its beginning in the habit of knocking loudly to keep out evil spirits. In most English-speaking countries, it is polite to respond to another person's sneeze by saying "God bless you. A terrible pestilence was spreading through Italy at the time.

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Origin of british superstitions
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